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How much marks required in GATE for PSU / IIT ?

I get lots of comment  asking about how marks one need to score out of 100 to get interview call from PSU or Admission in IIT / NIT. So in this post we are going to decode this question by analyzing last 3 year data related to Mark vs Rank.

Electronic  & Communication ( Approx )

Ranks Marks – 2014 Marks – 2015
1 89.86 85.02
100 73 65.6
200 69 60
500 63.2 58.6

Mechanical ( Approx )

Ranks Marks – 2014 Marks – 2015
1 88.84 98.33
200 74 80.3
1000 65 72.3

So as we can see that for EC with 69 marks one got 200 rank in 2014 whereas in 2015 one get same rank with only 60 marks. This case is same for mechanical and other subjects too.

Marks and Rank gets vary according to the toughness of question paper which vary every year. So one should not have pre targeted marks in his/her minds while entering examination hall.So do not attempt doubtful questions just for the sake of achieving target marks. Beware of negative marking. ( we will discuss in detail about tip & trick of negative marking in January ).


There is no fixed answer of this question. No one can predict exact mark for getting call from PSU or admission in IIT / NIT as it differ every year but one can boost his/her ranking by not making silly mistakes and by  not attempting doubtful question.

For cutoff related to rank you can go to following links

Psu Cutoff

IIT M.Tech Admission Cutoff

How much marks required in GATE for PSU / IIT ?
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