Published on 28th March, 2015

IIT Guwahati Gate Score Cutoff 2013 for M.Tech Admission

(A) (i) On the basis of GATE 2013 Score only

Dept.SpecializationGATE – 2013 Score
Computer Science and Engineering726632496426473
Electronics and Electrical EngineeringVLSI687 (GATE-2012)664494 (GATE-2012)449422
Signal Processing663625460433
Communication Engineering663625460443
Power and Control644594520-*
Mechanical EngineeringMachine Design598542422324
Fluids and Thermal Engineering595549419296
Computer Assisted Manufacturing577525 (GATE-2012)408243
Computational Mechanics588538419211
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering596 (GATE-2012)545374305 (GATE-2012)258
Geotechnical Engineering523478340321
Transportation Systems Engineering(GATE-2012)497387 (GATE-2012)288
Infrastructure Engineering and Management-*-*-*280
Chemical EngineeringPetroleum Science and Technology376302 (GATE-2012)258-@
Material Science and Technology341296233-#

Note: * Candidate did not finally join M.Tech Programme in July 2013.

@ Only 2 (Two) ‘ST’ candidates turned out for counselling. One preferred for ‘PST’ and the other ‘MST’. The one offered with ‘PST’ withdrew before admission.

# in the 4th updated list, on merit basis, the ‘ST’ candidate in ‘MST’ got upgraded to Gen (Open Merit) category.

(ii) On the basis of Overall Merit Score $only

Overall Merit ScoreOverall Merit ScoreOverall Merit ScoreOverall Merit ScoreOverall Merit Score
Civil EngineeringWater Resources Engineering50.5544.2737.7335.9
Environmental Engineering48.0842.5732.335.1

Note: $ Overall Merit is decided by giving 70% weightage to GATE marks and 30% weightage to written test + interview.


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