Published on 25th December, 2015List of Important Topics – You Can’t miss them during GATE Preparation

List of Important Topics – You Can’t Miss Them During GATE Preparation

(Last Five Year GATE Detail Analysis)

I always give stress on smart work instead of hard work. Preparing for any competitive exam with very vast syllabus requires a little bit of strategy because sometimes if hard work is not done in the right direction, it may lead to an unsatisfactory result.

So today, we are going to discuss all the significant and insignificant topics one must study during GATE preparation. So to find these topics, I will analyse questions of last five years papers, distribute them according to their chapters and find out the average times questions of particular topic came.

So before starting, let’s recall one thing that 15 marks of General Ability and 15 marks of Engineering Mathematics is common for every GATE paper and guys, do not make a mistake of leaving Mathematics because it’s easy and at the same time it cover the major part of the Mark distribution.

I usually see students waste their time learning Antonym and Synonym for Gate exam. Do not make this mistake as it is not productive. For

For calculating average of 2014 and 2015 year as there was more than one paper I have taken average after adding the number of questions regarding their chapter.

Mechanical: For Mechanical, we can see that Majority of the question comes from Manufacturing Science, Thermal Science, Theory of Machines and Strength of Materials and Least number of question comes from Mechanics. So one can leave Mechanic instead of leaving other subjects.

1Manufacturing Science121116161213
1Thermal Science101010132013
2Theory of Machines & Vibrations10128848
2Strength of Materials9767128
3Heat Transfer4710656
3Industrial Engineering894566
3Fluid Mechanics986536
3Design of Machine Elements548576
4Engineering Mechanics452534

ELECTRONICS In Electronic and Communication, we can see that Network, Signals and Systems, Analog Circuits, Communication and Electromagnetics are the top most worthy topics than Electronic Devices. Below table indicates the topics with their respective weightage.

2Signals and Systems1191281110
2Analog Circuits991271210
3Control Systems1089999
4Digital Circuits996698
5Electronic Devices795877

ELECTRICAL In Electrical, Electrical Machine, Network, Power Electronics, Control Systems and Power System are most important topic among other and Least important is Field Theory

1Electrical Machines151397710
2Power Electronics87128129
2Control Systems989999
2Power Systems9911779
3Signals and Systems876988
4Analog Circuits665586
5Digital Circuits665555
6Field Theory642033


For Civil Geotechnical, Fluid Mechanics, Environmental and Transportation are important topics than Irrigation. So it will make more sense to complete topics with a higher ranking than the one with lower.

1Geotechnical Engineering1313
2Fluid Mechanics1011.511
3Environmental Engineering91010
3Transportation Engineering81110
4Soil Mechanics88
4Foundation Engineering6.57
5Structural Analysis57.56
6Concrete Structures5.555
7Steel Structures434

Computer Science:

Programming and Data Structures, Database, Computer Networks and Operating System are the most important chapters whereas Compiler Design is the least significant.

During Revision pay more attention toward high-ranking topics then the lower ranking one.


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  1. Gajanan Chintalwar says:

    Thank you sir/madam…The information you provided is very worthy.

  2. Anoop says:

    Plz suggest any book for gate aptitude…

  3. Harsh Kumar says:

    thank you for providing such a valuable information and guidance to us. please tell about topic included in general ability.

  4. Piyush says:

    Very helpfull and important tip for gate, thank u very much

  5. Ashita says:

    Sir/ Madam, the branches you covered in the above article are the common ones. I’m from aeronautical and I would be very glad to see at least one article for gate aero preparation. There is not a single article on any of the gate preparation websites which is very frustrating because we don’t even have a guide while other branches have hundreds. So please take the initiative of considering even us.

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