Published on 1st May, 2015

Preferred Choice for Mechanical Branch in M.Tech

This List will help you in filling up your choices in CCMT 2015.

NIT TiruchirapalliThermal Power Engineering – (TR)
NIT WarangalMachine Design – (MD)
NIT WarangalThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT SurathkalDesign and Precision Engineering – (DB)
NIT SurathkalThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT AllahabadDesign Engineering – (DG)
NIT CalicutMachine Design – (MD)
NIT WarangalAutomobile Engineering – (AE)
NIT CalicutThermal Sciences – (TS)
NIT AllahabadThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT WarangalManufacturing Engineering – (MU)
NIT TiruchirapalliWelding Engineering – (WE)
NIT SurathkalMechatronics Engineering – (MZ)
NIT SurathkalManufacturing Engineering – (MU)
NIT TiruchirapalliIndustrial Safety Engineering – (IF)
NIT TiruchirapalliManufacturing Technology – (MF)
NIT RourkelaThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT WarangalMaterials and Systems Engineering Design – (MB)
NIT SurathkalComputational Mathematics – (SY)
NIT WarangalComputer Integrated Manufacturing – (XI)
NIT BhopalThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT JaipurThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT RourkelaMachine Design & Analysis – (MA)
NIT AllahabadProduction Engineering – (PU)
NIT TiruchirapalliIndustrial Engineering & Management – (IU)
NIT SurathkalNanotechnology – (NT)
NIT AllahabadProduct Design and Development – (PV)
NIT KurukshetraMachine Design – (MD)
NIT JaipurDesign Engineering – (DG)
NIT CalicutManufacturing Technology – (MF)
IIIT AllahabadRobotics – (RB)
NIT CalicutIndustrial Engineering & Management – (IU)
NIT SuratThermal Systems Design – (TD)
NIT WarangalAdditive Manufacturing – (AD)
IIIT AllahabadHuman Computer Interaction – (HZ)
NIT AllahabadComputer Aided Design & Manufacturing – (XD)
NIT BhopalIndustrial Design – (ID)
NIT NagpurHeat Power – (HP)
NIT AllahabadFluids Engineering – (FE)
NIT TiruchirapalliEnergy Engineering – (EY)
NIT TiruchirapalliMaterials Science & Engineering – (MS)
NIT RaipurThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT RourkelaProduction Engineering – (PU)
NIT JaipurProduction Engineering – (PU)
NIT TiruchirapalliNon Destructive Testing – (ND)
NIT JaipurProduction Engineering – (PU)
NIT AllahabadApplied Mechanics – (AM)
IIIT D& M JabalpurDesign – (DE)
NIT DurgapurMachine Design – (MD)
IIIT AllahabadM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Robotics – (ZK)
NIT SuratMechanical Engineering – (ME)
NIT BhopalNanotechnology – (NT)
NIT HamirpurThermal Engineering (Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer) – (TH)
NIT JaipurIndustrial Engineering – (IG)
NIT JamshedpurThermal & Fluids Engineering – (TF)
NIT SuratTurbo Machines – (TM)
NIT RaipurMachine Design – (MD)
NIT JaipurIndustrial Engineering – (IG)
NIT BhopalStress & Vibration Analysis – (SV)
NIT SuratManufacturing Engineering – (MU)
NIT JaipurRenewable Energy – (RE)
NIT RourkelaIndustrial Design – (ID)
NIT TiruchirapalliIndustrial Metallurgy – (IY)
NIT JalandharMechanical Engineering – (ME)
NIT AllahabadBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
NIT CalicutEnergy Engineering & Management – (ER)
NIT WarangalMaterials Technology – (MT)
NIT CalicutMaterials Science & Technology – (MH)
NIT HamirpurCAD-CAM – (CC)
NIT AllahabadMaterials Science & Engineering – (MS)
NIT PatnaM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Thermal Turbo Machines – (ZD)
IIIT D& M JabalpurMechatronics Engineering – (MZ)
NIT NagpurCAD-CAM – (CC)
NIT SurathkalMaterials Engineering – (ML)
NIT RourkelaCryogenics & Vacuum Technology – (CV)
NIT DurgapurOperations Research – (OR)
IIIT D& M JabalpurManufacturing Engineering – (MU)
NIT RaipurIndustrial Engineering & Management – (IU)
NIT BhopalGreen Technology – (GT)
NIT BhopalRenewable Energy – (RE)
NIT NagpurIndustrial Engineering – (IG)
IIIT AllahabadM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Human Computer Interaction – (ZH)
NIT CalicutNanotechnology – (NT)
NIT JaipurMetallurgical & Materials Engineering – (MM)
NIT AgartalaMachine Design – (MD)
NIT JamshedpurComputer Integrated Design & Manufacturing – (XM)
NIT PatnaM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heat Transfer – (ZR)
NIT RourkelaMining Engineering – (MI)
NIT BhopalEngineering Materials – (EL)
NIT BhopalMaitenance Engineering & Management – (MP)
NIT WarangalIndustrial Metallurgy – (IY)
NIT PatnaThermal Turbo Machines – (TU)
NIT JaipurEnvironmental Engineering – (EV)
NIT SilcharThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT AgartalaIntegrated Energy System – (IJ)
NIT HamirpurMaterials Science & Engineering – (MS)
NIT PatnaRefrigeration Air Conditioning & Heat Transfer – (RA)
NIT AgartalaThermal Science & Engineering – (TC)
IIIT D& M JabalpurCAD-CAM – (CC)
NIT SurathkalProcess Metallurgy – (PM)
NIT JalandharManufacturing Technology – (MF)
NIT RourkelaMetallurgical & Materials Engineering – (MM)
NIT SilcharDesign & Manufacturing – (DM)
NIT HamirpurEnergy Technology – (EN)
NIT BhopalMaterials Science & Technology – (MH)
NIT JamshedpurIndustrial & Management Engineering – (IM)
NIT TiruchirapalliEnvironmental Engineering – (EV)
NIT AllahabadBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
NIFFT RanchiManufacturing Engineering – (MU)
NIT WarangalEnvironmental Engineering – (EV)
NIT NagpurMaterials Engineering – (ML)
NIT SrinagarMechanical System Design – (MX)
NIT RourkelaBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
NIT SilcharMaterial & Manufacturing Technology – (MW)
NIT RourkelaBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
NIFFT RanchiFoundry Forge Technology – (FF)
NIT AgartalaManufacturing Technology – (MF)
NIT SilcharCAD-CAM & Automation – (CZ)
NIT SurathkalEnvironmental Engineering – (EV)
NIT AgartalaAutomotive Engineering – (AU)
NIT DurgapurAdvanced Material Science & Technology – (MK)
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology LongowalManufacturing System Engineering – (MY)
NIT RourkelaSteel Technology – (ST)
National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology RanchiMaterials Science & Engineering – (MS)
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology LongowalWelding & Fabrication – (WF)
NIT JamshedpurFoundry Technology – (FT)
NIT SurathkalIndustrial Pollution Control – (IL)
NIT SrinagarIndustrial Tribology & Maintenance Management – (IH)
NIT RourkelaIndustrial Ceramics – (IC)
NIT AgartalaComputer Integrated Manufacturing – (XI)
NIT AgartalaHydro Informatics Engineering – (HI)
NIT BhopalHydro Power Engineering – (HE)
NIT KurukshetraIndustrial & Production Engineering – (IP)
NIT JaipurSteel Technology – (ST)
NIT KurukshetraThermal Engineering – (TI)
NIT JamshedpurSurface Science & Engineering – (SS)
NIT JaipurMetallurgical & Materials Engineering – (MM)



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  1. nikhil says:

    apprx how many seats will be left vaccant for spot round ??

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    sir, what is this preference list based on ? placements ?

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