Last Updated: 14th January, 2014

Calculator: A Life Saver in Gate Exam

Part 1 Inverse Matrix

Calculator-991ES can be reffered to be as both TIME as well as LIFE saver during Exam. It proper use will definitely fetch 5-6 marks in a easy way. Here i am going to provide a series of video which help you all to use it properly.

Calculator Plus > Part 1 > INVERSE MATRIX

Convention way:

  1. Find Cofactor
  2. Transpose it to find Adjoint of A
  3. Find Determinant  of A
  4. Ratio of Adjoint & Determinent is Inverse of A

Now with Calculator

Click Here to Download video


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0 Responses to Calculator: A Life Saver in Gate Exam Part 1

  1. abhishek gupta says:

    When scientific calculators are only not allowed in the gate exam…then what’s the use of uploading videos to find inverse matrix using calc…we are not kids

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