Last Updated: 20th July, 2013

CCMT 2013 : Fourth Round of Allotment

In an attempt to fill the seats that may still remain vacant after three rounds of allotment, a fourth round of allotment will be conducted. Candidates eligible for seat allotment in this round fall into one of the following three groups:

Group–I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the first three rounds. These candidates may have
already modified their choices, if desired, from July 15 to 17, 2013.
Group–II: Candidates who had a seat allotment but were not satisfied with their seat allotment and therefore have surrendered their seats and may have modified their choices, if desired, from July 15 to 17, 2013.
Group-III: Candidates who got admitted to the Allotted Institute and indicated Option II.

The programme / institute choices saved / locked by candidates (as above) will be processed as per their GATE SCORE and choices, in a manner similar to the first three rounds, and the results of the fourth round will be available on the website on July 20, 2013. Candidates falling in Group II should specifically note that, depending on their merit (based on GATE SCORE) and modified choices, they may or may not get a seat in this round of allotment.

Candidates of Group I and Group II who get a seat allotment in this round should personally report directly to the Allotted Institute between July 23 to 26, 2013. The reporting procedure at the Allotted Institute is indicated in Section 6 of this brochure.

Candidates who are not satisfied with the allotted seat should report to Reporting Center and withdraw their seat allotment to be eligible for spot round. Candidates of Group III, who are already at the allotted institute and are attending the classes, should check on the website if their programme is upgraded or not, and contact the Admission In-charge of that institutes for further instructions.

Spot Admission

Spot admission against vacant seats will be conducted and organized by the respective Participating Institutes.


Registration fee for participation in CCMT-2013 is `1500/- (OC/OB) and `1000/- (for SC/ST), which is neither refundable nor adjustable towards any fee. However, in case of multiple transactions of registration fee, the excess amount will be refunded to the candidate’s bank account filled during registration. For getting the refund, the candidate should fill an online request during 23-30 May 2013.
Initial fee of `10,000/- will be payable for admission at the time of first reporting. The admission cancellation fee will be `1000/- if the candidate does not take final admission in the allotted institute and the balance amount will be refunded by CCMT. For getting the refund, if any from CCMT, the candidate has to mandatorily fill an online request during the specified period (will be displayed on website after second round of allotment).

A candidate, who takes provisional admission by reporting at a Reporting Center but does not report to the Allotted Institute for admission will be refunded the balance amount in his/her bank account filled during registration, in due course of time.

Once the candidate takes admission at the allotted institute, the cancellation of admission will be governed by the norms of the allotted institute and the refund, if any, will be made by the allotted institute only.

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