CCMT 2014 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Updated: 19th February, 2014

Q1. How many NITs or programmes can I apply to?

A1. A candidate is free to opt for as many NITs and as many programmes she/he wishes to choose through a single application. The online system of choice filling will be designed to display ONLY those choices to a particular candidate for which she/he is eligible, as per the eligibility degree discipline and GATE paper code. A Candidate could check her/his eligibility to various programs by using the check eligibility link on the website.

Q2. (a) If I haven’t qualified with a valid GATE score OR I didn’t appear for GATE, Can I apply?

A2(a). No. This common counseling for M.Tech./M.Plan. admissions is exclusively for GATE qualified candidates, possessing valid GATE score (year 2012 or 2013). However, some NITs may permit non GATE candidates during the SPOT round ONLY. You are advised to look for individual institute’s policy in SPOT round.


Q3. (b). What is the difference between Full-time and Sponsored candidate?

A2. (b) Sponsored candidates are of two types- Part-time and Full-time; in both cases, the candidate has to be employed in a company. The sponsored candidates are advised to contact the respective NIT in which they want to take admission. CCMT is for Full-time candidates possessing a valid GATE score only. Full-time candidate is a candidate who is not associated with any employment while pursuing M.Tech.


Q3. If a degree discipline doesn’t appear in list/menu while filling application, what do I do?

A3. All such eligible degree disciplines as reported by various NITs have been included in the list. In case applicant selects an existing discipline in the list, then a candidate herself/himself has to make sure that she/he is eligible to all the choices of PG programme filled by herself/himself. It will be the liability of the candidate ONLY to produce/prove discipline equivalence at the allotted institute/reporting centre; and CCMT will not be responsible for any such act on candidate’s part.


Q4. How can I pay the application fee?

A4. An application fee (Rs.1000/- for SC/ST and Rs.1500/- for rest of the categories) can be paid only by Credit/Debit

Card/Internet Banking/e-challan (ICICI Bank only). Application fee for registration process is non refundable.


Q5. What is minimum eligibility condition in terms of CGPA/CGPI or % marks?

A5. Minimum eligibility is 6.0 CGPA/CGPI on 10 scale or 55% marks for SC/ST candidates and 6.5 CGPA/CGPI on 10 scale or 60% marks for all remaining categories (Open, OBC and OM, if applicable). There would not be any relaxation of PD candidates.


Q6. My final semester result will be out late. I will know if I have marks 60% or below only after the result is out. By that time last date of the application will be over, will you accept my form then?

A6. A candidate has to apply within duration of Application registration deadline (SEE BROCHURE or VISIT website for last date of application registration). However, a candidate whose degree result is yet not available has time up to 15th  September 2013, to produce overall result and provisional degree. A candidate till then applies on his own responsibility BUT will have to produce proof of & obtain qualifying marks till the aforesaid deadline. If a candidate is sure that the results would not be available till 15th Sept. 2013 or if s/he is sure that s/he would not be able to get the eligible CGPA/CGPI or % marks than such applicants should not apply.


Q7. If I apply now and I don’t get 60% will you pay my application fee back?

A7. Application fee is one time payable, and is non-refundable.


Q8. I have my caste certificate case pending. Can I apply and produce the certificate as and when I get it, till that point can I submit my brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers certificate to convince you that I belong to particular cast?

A8. The candidate has the responsibility to fill correct details, and produce relevant certificates in ORIGINAL when she/he first time reports to reporting centre (one of NITs) after allotment; she/he will lose her/his SEAT, if she/he doesn’t produce required certificate/s in ORIGINAL at that time.


Q9. Please accept an old creamy layer certificate and I shall produce new one as and when I get it.?

A9. The candidate has the responsibility to fill correct details, and produce relevant certificates in ORIGINAL as per desired FORMAT when she/he first time reports to reporting centre (one of NITs) after allotment; she/he will lose her/his SEAT, if she/he doesn’t produce required certificate/s in ORIGINAL as per desired FORMAT at that time.


Q10. My son will be out to PPPP place can I come in his place and sign on his behalf.

A10. The candidate has to report in PERSON, failing which her/his candidature will be treated as “on-reported” and her/his allotment will stand cancelled.


Q11 My son is sick and cannot reach any counseling centre. Can I come in his place and sign on his behalf.

A11. The candidate has to report in PERSON, failing which her/his candidature will be treated as “non-reported” and her/his allotment will stand cancelled.


Q12. Can I get transferred to NIT near my homes place after admitted to a particular NIT?

A12.Inter-NIT transfer is not permitted. However, till third round of allotment, you may be transferred to any other NIT, based on your merit, preference and vacancy, if option I has been opted by the candidate. After third round you have to surrender your present seat and appear as fresh candidate for remaining seats. You may also apply for a particular NIT in spot round.


Q13. When I proceed to choice filling I am getting a list of only 1-2 programmes, what should I do?

A13. It is the responsibility of the candidate to first check her/his eligibility and then only proceed with filling application form,

Q14. I have given GATE exam in general category and qualified. I actually belong to a scheduled caste (SC or ST or OB or OM) category. So will it be possible now to avail the facilities of my category during application filling/counseling?

A14. Yes, you can do so; BUT you MUST fill in the caste category very carefully, as you are liable to produce correct certificate at the time of REPORTING, failing which your present-allotted seat will get cancelled, and you will be considered an OPEN category candidate for further rounds, if any.


Q15. I am in job, how can I apply to NIT of my choice, how many seats (and where ) are reserved for candidates in job/having work-experience, all over India?

A15. Current CMMT 2013, counseling is for candidates possessing valid GATE score ONLY (2011 or 2013). You MUST look for separate advertisement from a particular NIT and follow the instructions thereon. CCMT 2013 doesn’t entertain non-GATE candidates, whether having experience OR not.


Q16. Do I have to fill separate application form for each NIT?

A16. A single online application is sufficient to cover all the available programme choices across all the NITs. A candidate MUST not fill more than ONE application, as this may lead to disqualification of her/his applications altogether. However a candidate, who has appeared in both 2011 and 2013 in GATE in different subject area and wishes to be considered for both the GATE scores, has to apply two separate applications for the different GATE scores. Such candidates have to compulsorily link the two applications failing which their both the applications would be rejected. Such candidates, if allotted different seats in different programmes would have to select only one of the allotted programme and only report for that programme.


Q17. I have been allotted a seat in an NIT (say for eg.,NIT Agartala) in the first round of allotment. In case I do not get my higher preferred choice during sliding, and I don’t want to join that NIT, what are my choices?

A17. The sliding will take place until 3rd round. If you are still not satisfied with allotted/slided choice; you MUST surrender this allotted seat before being eligible for 4th  round. Before 4th  round you will be given a chance to modify your choices.


Q18. Will I be able to see vacancies before surrendering a seat during 3rd round?

A18. No, the vacancies in the programmes across NITs will be displayed ONLY after 3rd round of reporting/surrendering is over.


Q19. After surrendering, how can I fill choices without knowing the updated vacancies upon surrendering by other candidates before 4th round?

A19. The vacancies will be displayed ONLY after the third round of reporting/surrendering is over. Candidates would be able to select only from the available seats based on their eligibility.


Q20. How many rounds will be there?

A20.(i) Firstly, there will be 3 rounds consisting of sliding option.

(ii) Then, in 4th round all such candidates who are still un-allottee, as well as those allottees of any of first three rounds, who have surrendered their respective seats will be considered for allotment.

(iii) Thereafter, lastly there will a SPOT round BUT will be conducted by individual institute ONLY. All registered candidates of CCMT 2013 will be eligible, if they are un-allottee OR have withdrawn from their respective seat before going into SPOT round, if allotted in any of previous 4 rounds.


21. What is National Institute of Technology?

A21 According to the National Institutes of Technology Act No. 29 of 2007, these institutes have been declared as institutions of national importance by the parliament of India.


22. Is there any management quota in NITs?

A22 No. There is nothing like that.


23. Which branch and institute is good? Where is the scope?

A23 Each branch in engineering demands certain traits. You have to first understand your own liking, capabilities and limitations and check whether the branch you want suits you or not. Institutes having good placements, facilities and faculty members are supposed to be good institutes. If scope means merely no. of job opportunities with high salaries, it keeps on changing due to changes in economic conditions, technological advancements and social/ legal changes. If a wider meaning of scope is meant, then scope is always for a person and not for stamps or labels he/she carries. Persons with talent, passion, commitment and hard work create scope for themselves out of nothing in any walk of life.


24. What preparation is needed to fill the choices?

A24 It is very important to study all the participating institutes. One may visit their website, talk to persons who know about them or even visit the institutes personally and see where and how are the institutes. Check whether the fee is affordable. Some institutes and branches have restrictions on age, gender and minimum marks in qualifying examination, Mathematics as a major subject in 12th  class, sub-category etc. Please ensure that you fulfill those criteria.


25. What is the best strategy of choice filling?

A25 Each choice of institute or branch must be such that you know completely what you are asking for. Include only those choices in your list where you are really prepared to go if you get an allotment. One must refrain from ambling or take-a-chance approach. No choice should be included in half hearted manner. It should not happen that after getting an allotment you say Oh! I did not want it. If that is so, it should not have been in the list of choices.  Maintaining strict order of preference is also very important. Assume that what you really want is at no. 17 in your list but you get choice no. 13. In the subsequent rounds, choice no. 1 to 12 only will be considered. Even if you get an opportunity to modify your choices later, what you wanted may not be available at that time.

26. Original mark sheet / document are deposited somewhere else, and a certificate regarding this is available. Can such candidates report to reporting center after allotment?

A26 Not Allowed.


27. I have not received my GATE score card Or I have lost my GATE score card.

A27 GATE website shows how a candidate could obtain duplicate SCORE Card. For more details, please contact GATE office.


28. How the seats will be allotted?

A28 All the seats will be allotted on the basis of GATE score in the respective category. In case of tie, please refer the information brochure for detailed rules.


29. What are the category codes used?

A29 The following are category codes used.

OC: Open category, which includes Unreserved General Category (OC/OP/GEN)

OC PD: persons with disabilities from General Category (OCPWD/OPPWD/GENPWD) OB: Other Backward Class

OB PD: persons with disabilities from Other Backward Class (OBPWD) SC: Scheduled Caste

SC PD: persons with disabilities from Scheduled Caste (SCPWD) ST: Scheduled Tribe

ST PD persons with disabilities from Scheduled Tribe (STPWD/STPWD)

OM: Persons from Other Minority as declared by the Govt. of India. (OBC- Minority) OM PD persons with disabilities from Other Minority (OBC- Minority PWD)

30. If category is OC. Can the category be changed from OC to SC/ST/OB/OM?

A30 No, it cannot be changed.

31. Is category change possible during online registration?

A31 Change of Category is possible from SC/ST/OB/OM to OC at the time of online registration, but change of category from OC to reserved category is not allowed. Also change of category within SC, ST and OB, OM are not allowed. If the candidate fails to submit category certificate or category given by the candidate is found to be wrong (not in the central list) at the time of verification of certificates or at the time of reporting, his / her provisional allotment of the seat shall automatically stands cancelled. However, the candidate will be allowed for the next rounds of seat allotment for the available vacant seats only, after obtaining an undertaking from the candidate and updating his/her category based on the original certificates.


32. Who is eligible for persons with disabilities category?

A32 To be eligible for consideration under persons with disabilities category, a candidate must have a minimum of 40% disability subject to the condition that the candidate is capable of carrying out all activities related to theory and practical work as applicable to M.Tech. / M. Plan. Courses. Candidates are required to produce a valid certificate at the time of reporting.


33. What happens if I do not register online?

A33 Such candidates cannot fill in choices and hence are out of the admission process of CCMT (first four rounds). However they can register for the spot round, conducted by Institutes, if vacancy exists after fourth round.


34. Can the candidate change his/her password?

A34 Yes. The candidate can change his/her password. However, it is mandatory to change password first time.


35. Is there any compulsion to register online only at Help / Reporting center?

A35 There is no compulsion. The eligible candidate can register ONLINE from any place of their convenience. Candidates may seek guidance, help and do their registration and choice filling at all the Reporting Centers/Help Centers. However, candidates who get a seat allotted in round 1 or 2 must report to a reporting center. For more details, please refer to Flow Chart given in Information Brochure.


36. How many choices can a candidate give?

A36 A candidate can submit as many numbers of choices in order of preference as he/she wishes from the list of his/her available choices. Candidates are required to ensure themselves that they are eligible for the programme, they are filling choice.

37. What is locking?

A37 Locking is a mandatory process of final submission of choices. Once the choices are locked, it cannot be further changed.


38. If a candidate doesn’t lock his/her choices, will they be processed for seat allotment?

A38 It is in the interest of the candidates that they lock their choices themselves before the deadline. However, in the exceptional cases where candidates fail to lock their choices, the last saved choices will be locked automatically. If any candidate does not fill any choice till the last date of choice filling, his / her application will be rejected.


39. Can the candidate modify the choices after locking?

A39 After locking the choices, candidate cannot modify his/her choices. However, opportunity to modify the choices will be available after 3rd round of allotments. For details, refer Information Brochure.


40. What are Option I, II and III?

A40 This is pertaining to considering choices of preference higher than the currently allotted seat. Option I means all the choices of higher preference (across the institute) be considered in the next round. Option II means only the higher preference choices within the currently allotted institute would be considered in the next round. Option III means the candidate wants to finalize the currently allotted seat.


41. What is Initial fee? Will it be adjusted?

A41 A candidate is required to deposit Rs. 1500 as non-refundable application fee (Rs. 1000 for SC/ST candidates at the time of registering. If allotted any seat, the candidate will be required to deposit Rs. 10000 as initial fee at the reporting centre which will later be adjusted in total fee of respective institute.


42. Can a candidate be allowed for reporting after scheduled date?

A42 Not allowed. If the candidate doesn’t report at any one of the reporting centres for provisional admission, his/her allotment shall stand cancelled. The resulting vacancy will be filled up in the subsequent round(s). Such candidates would be considered as “non reported” and would not be eligible for subsequent round.


43. Can a candidate be permitted if he/she brings part of the required documents?

A43 No. Not allowed. The candidate has to bring all the required documents in original.


44. What are the working hours of Reporting Centers, Help Centers, Participating Institutes and CCMT Headquarter?

A44 Generally, the working hours are 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

45. My friend and I have done same degree course, have taken same subject code and belong to same category but still my friend’s list of program show more choices than myself.

A45 This is possible. Your friend may also be eligible against OP category seats where as you may not be eligible against OP category seats. A category candidate should fulfill all the eligibility requirement of OP seats to be eligible for OP seat.


46. Whether Part-Time, Sponsored candidates are eligible for CCMT.

A46 Admissions for Part-Time and Sponsored candidates would be carried out by respective NITs. Part-Time and sponsored candidates are advised to contact the respective NITs.


47. I am in PD (PWD) category, is there any relaxation in the online application processing fee.

A47 There is no separate relaxation for PD (OC/OBC) category. However, PD (SC and ST) are eligible as per their category.


48. Whether the documents need to be attested?

A48 The documents are to be self-attested by the candidate. You have to bring all the original documents with GATE score card and category proof document.


49. If I get seat allotment for admission, where should I report?

A49 You can report at any one of the 20 participating NITs during first and second round. After 3rd & 4th round of allotment, candidate must report to the allotted Institute for admission. However, a candidate who wishes to surrender his seat during 3rd  round of reporting/surrendering can do so from any of the NIT, if allottee in 3rd round, (otherwise she/he has to report to the same NIT, where he reported earlier).


50. Whether choice filling is necessary?

A50 At least one choice must be filled, if one does not fill even one choice during the choice filling period, her/his application would be rejected.


51.Can I pay through any other mode than online payment i.e. through e-challan?

A 51 Yes, you can pay through e-challan, that is an ONLY offline mode. Pl. see following guidelines:

In case you generate e-challan, you will need to take a print out of the e-challan, visit any branch of ICICI Bank only and make the required payment (through cash or DD) of Application Fee in order to proceed with your Registration Process. In case of DD, please fill the details of DD correctly in the e-challan before submitting it to the Bank. DD should be in favour of “Chairman CCMT 2013”  and payable at location where e-challan would be deposited.

However, remember that last date of depositing application fee by e-challan in any ICICI Bank is 26th May 2013.

52. What is the process of registration in case of e-challan?

A 52 After making payment in the Bank, you would receive your Login / Password along with the Payment Receipt. This process can take up to 72 hours after you make the payment.

53. What can I do if I haven’t received Login/password in 72 hours?

A 53 In case you have made the payment and not received the Login / Password along with the Payment Receipt in your e-mail after more than 72 hours, please contact the CCMT administrator at ccmt[email protected] with your Payment Details and a scanned copy of your e-challan with Bank Acknowledgement. In such a case, you MUST first contact ICICI Bank wherever you have deposited application fee against e-challan.

54. If I did any mistake, can I do my registration again?

A 54 Yes, you can re-apply & re-register as a fresh candidate by paying application fee again after getting approval for the same. Your previous information data will be deleted automatically. You MUST note following carefully.

The candidate is advised to take printout of her/his complete application including filled-choices; check details carefully and if any discrepancy is found, may submit fresh application (only up to last date of registration) as per following procedure. In no case any grievance OR complaint shall be entertained at any later stage throughout the complete process of counseling. A candidate, who has already filled, locked the choices and submitted online application but before last date of registration & application fee payment she/he finds that some critical information has wrongly been filled which now she/he wants to change. Such candidate may do so up to last date of registration & application fee payment BUT she/he will be required to fill fresh online application and also has to make fresh payment of application fee (Only through Bill Desk, i.e. Credit/Debit/Netbanking options, if paying after last date of payment by e-challan). It is further made clear that prior to submitting the fresh application her/his earlier application will be cancelled, data would be reset and application fee paid earlier will stand forfeited.

55. What if somebody else has falsely registered already on my GATE details?

A 55 We will check the genuineness of both the candidates, and provide access to the one, who is found genuine. For this purpose you MUST file a complaint through CCMT web-site. The other candidate, who is found to be fraudulent, will be liable for legal punishment. In case complainant is found fraudulent, he will also be liable for legal punishment.

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  1. Dhawal Gajwe says:

    Is my seat surrendered if i go for next round of CCMT.
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    What If I dont satisfy higher preference Marks Criteria? Did I loose the previous college( i.e. Round 2 College : NIT suratkal)?

  2. Prerna Verma says:

    Sir I have scanned copy of 8th sem result and provisional …actually my 8th sem exam had conducted in may but result announced in august at that time I was in Delhi so I couldnot go to collect my documents because my college in Silchar , Assam….So I told my friend who is local to that place to collect my documents…she has my documents…I told her many times to send me those documents by speed post but she denied but now I got NIT Jamshedpur….but I don’t have original copy of 8th sem and provisiona…but I have scanned copy …now I requested her she agree to send me…now I m in Bangalore…so.It will take at least 15 days to come to me…..I have to report to NIT Surathkal Mangalore before 13/06/15….It wont create any problem…plz reply sir..

  3. Jitesh kumar says:

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  5. Nupur Boral says:

    My gate 2015 rank is 3551. Am I eligible for NIT?

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    its there is a chance to get any nit in gate score367 in ME branch

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    sir can i withdraw my admission after the spot admission vacancy list have declared and can i go for the spot admission?

  8. pruthvi says:

    Whose favor the dd of 10000 as to be taken for ccmt 2014?

  9. Abraham Varughese says:

    Is the gate admission is done on the basis of rank we received or the gate score we attained? . If a person having a rank 3500 and gate score is 400 in the year 2013 and another person having a rank 4000 and gate score is 422 in the year 2014, who will be eligible for getting admission first. Both of them belongs to the same stream.


    My daughter have valued gate score, but I have doubt about filling choice option. for example I made 20 options in different NIT’s in different subject.1st round i did not get a chance,2nd round i got
    my 13th option.In case my below 7th option will be cancelled or not ? IF 13 or above options vacancy is available will i get or not ? Please advise me to get more idea must be appreciated.

    • Anand Kumar says:

      Each choice of institute or branch must be such that you know completely what you are asking for. Include only those choices in your list where you are really prepared to go if you get an allotment. One must refrain from ambling or take-a-chance approach. No choice should be included in half hearted manner. It should not happen that after getting an allotment you say Oh! I did not want it. If that is so, it should not have been in the list of choices. Maintaining strict order of preference is also very important. Assume that what you really want is at no. 17 in your list but you get choice no. 13. In the subsequent rounds, choice no. 1 to 12 only will be considered. Even if you get an opportunity to modify your choices later, what you wanted may not be available at that time.

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