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Experience of Gate 2014 ME Paper of 16th Feb Afternoon session

Feedback from  Mr. Pavan Kumar

To all the Aspirants for GATE 2015,

I would like to share my experience of GATE (Mechanical Engineering-ME) 2014 examination. I wrote the exam on 16th Feb ’14 Afternoon session.

Firstly, I would like to discuss the online pattern of the examination. It was very good and the interface provided for the examination is very simple to handle.You need not worry regarding the interface. It was made neat and the accessibility was good.

A scribbling pad was given which was enough for the rough work.

Coming to the new section of the GATE paper i.e., Numerical Questions. These are the ones which decide your fate in the examination. Almost 30-35 marks in the Question paper are numerical type. The questions were of very high level. They don`t carry a negative mark. But once you start attempting them, they kill your time which is nothing but the indirect way of negative marking. Also you cannot get an approximate answer for the question. You need to solve it completely for getting the numerical answer. You must write the numerical answer up to 4 decimal places if applicable. Virtual keyboard is presented for that. Most of the questions asked were from Thermodynamics(Applied Also),Machine design and Manufacturing.So what i suggest the aspirants is that please do study with perfection. Whether numerical or derivation take it to the end. Do practice from standard text books. The questions were almost similar type of questions in Thermodynamics P K Nag, Heat Transfer S K Som and Machine design Shigley(## I am not recommending here).

** Perfection is the key

Be very perfect with the units. It is a must. Although it is expected from us to know all the units and conversions at times in MCQ’s we arrive at the answer approximately and see the options and tick that. There is no scope of such a thing here. Be pakka in units and conversions.

** Perfection is the key

Coming to the topic wise analysis. Please don`t get carried away by people if they say that questions from particular section were high. It changes from paper to paper. ” Perfection” in subject is the key to crack the exam. Never go for topic wise analysis from anyone.

** Perfection is the key

Coming to other difficulties in the paper, Numerical ability and aptitude, there are questions from advanced mathematics. Few questions in these section were too easy for “ME” and few were very tough.

** Perfection is the key

Also the Linked data and Common data questions were not there in the examination which is a huge set back for people who used to score them earlier. There used to be 8 questions from the above type. Now they are 8 different questions from different topics. So the scope of getting a question from any part of the syllabus is more. The best answer is If you wanna leave a subject leave it completely. Please don`t have a half knowledge in any subject. Simply it will kill your time.

** Perfection is the key

The cutoff this year will be less compared to all the previous 3 year cutoff’s. Am writing GATE for the third time in a row and I feel this examination can`t be compared to the previous ones. Not an examination for people who guess and fluke the answers. I remember few questions from the exam and will shortly put them in a doc and will send to the respective coaching centers and will post in Facebook/forums.

Almost all the questions were new and except 2 or 3 questions, none were repeated. Still I request aspirants to solve previous questions. Please don`t worry about the balance of question paper and evaluation. I feel they have a plan and proper execution for it.

** Perfection is the key

I would have written about my performance if I had the question paper in my hand.Anyways,I feel my performance was upto the mark.

Cutoff : May be around 16-20** marks-OC (SC/ST/OBC calculate accordingly).

A.I.R-1 mark will be around 70-75**.

** That is my prediction with what little experience I have


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