Last Updated: 8th February, 2014

GATE 2014 – A Brief Analysis

(Based on student test experiences in the streams of IN, CE and CH on 2nd February, 2014)

1. Questions with numerical answers accounted for 40-50 % of the paper. Hence you cannot guess your way through the paper. General Ability section also has such questions.

2. In the papers of the past, there used to be some questions which could be solved by eliminating the wrong options. But with an increase in the “numerical answer” type questions, this method of problem solving takes a backseat.

3. With the high occurrence of “numerical answer” type questions, one has to be thorough and careful with unit conversions so as to type in the correct answer. Earlier, the four options more or less served as guidelines.

4. Among general ability questions, probability accounted for around 3-4 marks with one question each from Data Interpretation, logical reasoning and critical reasoning.

5. Engineering Mathematics questions were tough compared to the previous year. There were no direct questions.

6. There were direct questions from few of topics. And some of questions needed concept of two topics to solve them. Such were tough to solve. Scoring sections in IN were Networks, Control Systems and Analog Circuits. These could be the scoring sections in the upcoming ECE papers too.

7. The sequence of questions was different for each candidate i.e. no two candidates will have same sequence of questions.

8. There were no “Common Data” and “Linked” questions in the papers we analyzed.

9. Some papers wrongly mentioned a penalty for a wrong answer to a “numerical type” question. This was later corrected through an announcement by the invigilators.

According to the latest info from IIT Kharagpur, the marks of candidates appearing in EC, CS, EE, ME and CE will be normalized across the multiple sessions. This means that whether the paper in a particular session is easy or tough will not matter in the overall scheme of things. The following formula will be used for the normalization.

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