Last Updated: 23rd August, 2017 Mechanical GATE / ESE Handwritten Study Material

Mechanical GATE / ESE Handwritten Study Material

Here i am sharing soft copies( pdf ) of Mechanical Hand written GATE / ESE Study Material.

This is the scan copy of the note books written by students studying in some very reputed coaching institute taught by very well known name in education field. Hope it will boost your GATE Preparation

Topic Download
Basic Thermodynamics Click Here
Fluid Mechanics Click Here
Heat & Mass Transfer Click Here
Industrial Engineering Click Here
Internal Combustion Engine Click Here
Machine Design Click Here
Power Plant Engineering Click Here
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Click Here
Strength of Material Click Here

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22 Responses to Mechanical GATE / ESE Handwritten Study Material

  1. Jigar Singh says:

    Can you please upload madeeasy handwritten notes for newly added subject of ese in ME.
    1. Renewable energy sources
    2. Mechatronics & robotics

  2. Lalit prasad says:

    Very useful notes .it is a real service to end users.
    Giving only thanks will be a meagre words.

  3. Rupesh says:

    Sir thanks for suitable notes ….
    sir can you please provide the notes of Material science

  4. Ganesh Narsale says:

    sir thanks for notes. ..very important notes

  5. pravee kumar says:

    it was amazing

  6. Vivek Ingawale says:

    This is very nice work.
    Thanks for giving the valuable notes.

  7. N.Srinaath says:

    Thanks for important notes. But please update lecture videos……….

  8. Bhanu prasad says:

    Thanks a lot. It’s also useful for many other aspirants. Keep going…

  9. prathap says:

    thanx a lot sir…

  10. sandhya says:

    you have done excellent job

  11. Vinothkumar says:

    Thank you for your contribution in preparation many of the gate aspirants

  12. bhavk shingala says:

    pls sir ……..put the computer science handwritten matarials on your websites………………………..pls

  13. Aftab Alam says:

    Thank you sir for providing all the notes at one place..its been very helpful to have done a very noble job for all the gate aspirants..

  14. Aayush Singhal says:

    It is nice to have the notes of all the important topics at one point. I appreciate it.

  15. biswajit mukherjee says:

    i want the notes

  16. awinash says:

    for usefull notes

  17. awinash says:


  18. Sidharth says:

    Please upload notes of manufacturing/production engineering . Thanks for upload.

  19. So Sharuk says:

    I have shared your link but not get the download link.
    Pls send me the download link

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