NIT M.Tech Fee details of the CCMT Participating Institutes

Last Updated: 27th January, 2017

Fee details of the CCMT Participating Institutes

S.No. Institute Name Admission fee to be paid
OC/OB SC/ST Mess fee included (Yes/No)
1 ABV-Indian institute of information technology and management Gwalior-(GW) 58000 36000 YES
2 Central University of Rajasthan-(CR) Category A: 12112
Category B: 18801
Category A: 12112
Category B: 18801
3 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar- (JL) 50050 15050 NO
4 Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahbad-(AH) 73000 34000 Yes
5 Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur-(JP) 55300* 20300* 33500
6 Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal-(BH) 48105 48105 NO
7 Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology allahbad-(AL) 43526 8526 15000(Mess Fee)
8 National Institute of foundry and forge technology Ranchi-(NI) 34650 34650 NO
9 National Institute of Technology Agartala-(AG) 50700 NO
10 National Institute of Technology Arunachal Pradesh-(AR) 66300 66300 NO
11 National Institute of Technology Calicut-(CL) 45375 10375 15,000
(Hostel admission fee)
12 National Institute of Technology Delhi-(DL) 57300 57300 NO
13 National Institute of Technology Durgapur-(DG) 42917 7917 NO
14 National Institute of Technology Goa-(GO) 50175 12175 NO
15 National Institute of Technology Hamirpur-(HM) 52850 52850 20500 (Hostel Fee including Mess Charge)
16 National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur-(JM) 57000 22000
17 National Institute of Technology Karnataka- Surathkal-(SR) 58825 23825 17900
(Hostel Fee)
18 National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra-(KR) 48350 13350 NO
19 National Institute of Technology Meghalaya-(MG)  Contact the institute for details
20 National Institute of Technology Nagaland-(NL) Visit the institute website for fee structure details
21 National Institute of Technology Patna-(PT) 55350
(dual degree: 27850)
(duel degree: 27850)
22 National Institute of Technology Puducherry-PU) 43800 8800 NO
23 National Institute of Technology Raipur-(RR) 76500 75900 no
24 National Institute of Technology Rourkela-(RL) 77500 42500 YES
25 National Institute of Technology Silchar-(SL)  Contact the institute for details
26 National Institute of Technology Srinagar-(SG)  Contact the institute for details
27 National Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli-(TY) 44600 9600 NO
28 National Institute of Technology Warangal-(WL) Rs. 56,700/-(day-scholar) Rs. 56,700/- (day- scholar) Not applicable
Rs. 92,700/- (hostel, boys) Rs. 92,700/- (hostel, boys) Yes
Rs. 89,700/- (hostel, girls) Rs. 89,700/- (hostel, girls) Yes
29 PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology Design And Manufacturing Jabalpur-(JB) 39000 19000/- (SC/ST with parent income more than 2 lacs)
15000/- (SC/ST with parent income less than 2 Lacs)
30 Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering And Technology Longowal-(LG) 41000 41000 NO
31 Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology Surat – (ST) 53000 18000 NO
32 School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada-(VW) 59300 39300 NO
33 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur-(NG) 53000 53000 NO
34 Indian institute of Engineering, Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah(SP) 42500 7500 NO
35 National Institute of Technology Manipur(MN) 74,700 74,700 YES
36 National Institute of Technology Sikkim-(SK) 58250 23250 YES
37 Institute of Technology, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (A Central University), Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh (GG) 18125 18125 Not mentioned
38 PEC Chandigarh 33250 33250 NO
39 IIITDM Kancheepuram 55275 35275 YES
40 National Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand 61400 25900 NO
41 National Institute of Technology, Mizoram 41450 41450 NO

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45 Responses to NIT M.Tech Fee details of the CCMT Participating Institutes

  1. BANOTH NARESH says:

    hi sir,
    i got 334 gate score in this year category is ST.can i get seat in NIT..then which NIT can I expect….and please inform fee structures and scholerships…

  2. Shashank says:

    I am a gate 2015 candidate. I secured a rank of 1638 with a score of 611. Which NIT can I expect and what is the stipend amount I would get. Thanks for any help/information.

  3. Ankit says:

    I have got 54 marks and my gate score is 635 in 2014. Please suggest me which nits i will get and what subject i should opt. Also inform me about the fee structure.

  4. neeharika says:

    i got gate 2015 score 357 in obc category,EC branch,,can i get seat in any nits r central universities in telangana,,if yes in which institute i get seat and which specialization,,plz help me out am totally confused……….

  5. narendra singh says:

    Sir I get gate score 366 (sc)in ee 2015 and I belong to sc category please tell me ,will I got any nit college if yes then tell me the college name

  6. joya says:

    sir my gate score is 418 and air is 8217 in IT. is any chance for NIT. cat- OBC

  7. joya says:

    sir my gate score is 418 and air is 8217 in cs. is any chance for NIT.

  8. vhvm says:

    sir i got
    marks 56.44
    gate score 739
    air 660
    any chance of getting old iits

  9. harikrishna says:

    my caste is native is branch is gate score is 430,rank is7248.please list out nits if iam eligible for that.

  10. harikrishna says:

    i got 430 score in gate15, my rank is 7248. wii i get. any nits please list out.

  11. Mohit says:

    Sir, My gate marks is 54.56 in Mechanical 2015 gate paper & gate score 580 with All India rank 7294
    Is there any chance of getting NIT’s .
    If yes than which NIT’s for thermal,energy like course for mtech.

  12. Thomas says:

    My son has got a GATE score of 378 (AIR1904) in INSTRUMENTATION. What the best possible option for

  13. aman says:

    Xpecting 62 mrks in gate mechanical… Any chance of iit?
    If not suggest gud college 4 me..

  14. anusha says:

    In NIT how much fee per semester?

  15. vikash says:

    My score is 393 in EC branch. And belong sc candidate can i get in AVB IIIT Gwalior

  16. suresh tk says:

    hi sir/madam

    is there any scholarships other then acadamic scholarships for through gate students.pls reply

  17. amit mali says:

    i got AIR 111 with 399 score…can i got admission to any nits….?

  18. ujjwal says:

    I got 635 score in civil eng rank 1510 can i get struc in nit ? Which r the best nit ? Please clear my confusion

  19. Bharath says:

    I got gate score of 592…..plse list out which nits i will get?

  20. Sagar says:

    My GATE 2014 Details are
    Score-433, Rank-7091, Branch-EE
    Category- OBC.
    I’ve registered for CCMT-2014.
    May I get NITs or any govt. College in UP, Rajasthan, MP, Dehradun ( Neighborhood states of UP) & HOW?
    Please Help me soon?

  21. pruthvi says:

    On avg how much fee i need to pay per year (including hostel) for M.Tech in NITs belongs to OBC caste

  22. Sayantan Ghosh says:

    I got a gate score of 392 in GATE2014 civil engg with rank 9460 general category, can i get any nit?? if so, is this scholarship given to every student??

  23. Sayantan Ghosh says:

    I got a gate score of 392 in GATE2014 with rank 9460, can i get any nit?? if so, is this scholarship given to every student??

  24. priya says:

    can SC CANDIDATE get the scholarship if they take admission in score other than 8000p.m.) as per gov. rule ….that is gov. will give scholarship for candidates belongs to category and family annual income less than 2 lakh

  25. Priyanka gupta says:

    i got 488 score(cs branch) gen cat in gate2014…can i get nit?

  26. Pankaj Pal says:

    My gate 2014 score in ee is 501 and rank is 4296.. Is there any chance to get admission in nit? If yes please suggest best nit’s… Obc category..

  27. rajendra says:

    I got 440 in gate 2013 and 398 in gate14 will I get seat in any nit or university’s in Andhra Pradesh please give list of college’s

  28. Himanshu says:

    My gate score is 470 ME(GEN) Can i get any nit?

  29. shreedhar says:

    my gate score 405 ,i m obc ,eee branch,rank 8810,wil i get any nit or top colleges ,plz list some for me

  30. Nizam says:

    i have got 338 gate score in 2014.can i get any nit ????in obc category

  31. Nizam says:

    i have got 338 gate score in 2014.can i get any nit ????

  32. sunil yadav says:

    is bank account necessary for choice filling for nit 2013?

  33. sunil yadav says:

    choice filling

  34. Gokula Nathan Kasinathan says:

    I have got 95.39 in GATE of Biotechnology Dept. Will I get a seat at the first round itself? I am totally confused!:(

  35. Gokula Nathan Kasinathan says:

    I have got 95.39 in GATE of Biotechnology Dept. Will I get a seat at the first round itself? I am totally confused!:( please do help me out with this.

  36. Arti says:

    Is scolarship available to students in NITs?

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