Last Updated: 24th March, 2013

Official Answer Keys for GATE 2013 Papers

GATE 2013 Question papers and the corresponding answer keys are now available for download. Please note that for GATE 2013 Online papers, it is not feasible to provide all the numerous random combinations of the shuffled sequence of questions displayed to the candidates. The one shown here is only one possible sequence for which the answer keys are provided along side.

AE Question Paper AE Answer Key
AG Question Paper AG Answer Key
AR Question Paper AR Answer Key
BT Question Paper BT Answer Key
CE Question Paper CE Answer Key
CH Question Paper CH Answer Key
CS (Booket codes: A, B, C, D) CS Answer Key
CY Question Paper CY Answer Key
EC (Booket codes: A, B, C, D) EC Answer Key
EE (Booket codes: A, B, C, D) EE Answer Key
GG Question Paper GG Answer Key
IN (Booket codes: A, B, C, D) IN Answer Key
MA Question Paper MA Answer Key
ME (Booket codes: A, B, C, D) ME Answer Key
MN Question Paper MN Answer Key
MT Question Paper MT Answer Key
PH Question Paper PH Answer Key
PI (Booket codes: A, B, C, D) PI Answer Key
TF Question Paper TF Answer Key
XE Question Paper XE Answer Key
XL Question Paper XL Answer Key


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