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Postgraduate Engineers in India

Doing a postgraduate (PG) degree has not been popular among engineering students as a result of the wide range of jobs that were once available to graduates but this situation is quickly changing. With an unsure job market and increase in demand for expert professionals, today a large section of engineering graduates are going toward a PG degree.

An M.Tech Graduate says “What we learn at the bachelor’s level is fundamental on the other side, a Master’s degree is considered to increase our technical knowledge providing us with that further edge in-depth course study that helps us to select our Area of Domain and a possibility not several college (UG) students have and above this a Master’s degree additionally proves to be a stepping stone for those curious student who is interested in research and eventually want to do a Doctor of Philosophy.

What is required:
At the PG level, students got to concentrate on the areas they’re specializing in. Those with a keen interest in research area should have detail knowledge of their subject.

Several companies continuously look for candidates who have ability to perform multiple tasks which have process-oriented thinking and having keen problem-solving capabilities along with the experience in analytical and logical application. Thus, it’s crucial for college students to equip themselves within the relevant skills set.

Career Prospects
On the completion of their Master’s programme students can go for PhD. Other than that PG students can also gets jobs in industries which are looking for technical professionals.

While it’s true that PG students usually have to compete with UG students, they’re usually preferred by those MNCs which are looking for Research and Development work. An alternative choice that is available for PG students is teaching. With teaching changing into a profitable career possibility, the quantity of scholars registering for doctorial programmes has increased.

For Example in MNNIT Allahabad M.Tech Students of CS department for the placement session of this year has got chance in various company such as :

Codenation : Branches Allowed- B.Tech CSE,IT,MCA,M.Tech(CSE,IS,SE) CTC- 24 LPA.

Amazon: Courses Allowed: B.Tech CS/IT, M.Tech CS/IS/SW, MCA

Flipkart: Branches Allowed: B.Tech All (Except chemical, bio tech), M.Tech All (Except GIS Remote sensing,Bio Technology, Bio Medical, Fluid,Material, Environmental, Geotech), MCA, M.Sc. CTC: 11.55 LPA

and several other…

The Foreign:
The number of Indian students following their higher studies abroad has gone up, the preferences of MTech or MS aspirants going abroad and staying back with a high pay job have positively changed.

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