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98% selected candidates through GATE not joined BBNL & BSPHCL Fake Score Card Case 

Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) had recruited 48 applicants after the screening process (GATE 2017 score + personal interviews) for Executive Trainee. You would be shocked to know that out of 48 selected candidates only 1 applicant has joined the company and others, 47 candidates, either not joined and/or expressed their inability in writing of not joining BBNL. BBNL has issued a notification regarding this in their website.

In such a time, when people are not getting jobs, students with good ranks are just wasting valuable seats. To overcome this problem, a central portal (e.g. CCMT and COAP for M.Tech Admission in NITs / IITs) should be developed for PSU recruitment too. So that the students with good GATE ranks could be prevented from wasting these valuable seats.

Bihar Power Holding Company Limited (BSPHCL) also issued two notification (link1 and link2) regarding fake GATE scorecard. Two persons are identified of using Fake GATE scorecard in the 2016 recruitment process and were working in the company as Assistant Electrical engineer and IT Manager respectively from last two years. Now they were asked for returning their whole salary which they have received during their work tenure.

All these unfortunates circumstance can be avoided by developing a central portal like CCMT and COAP for PSU recruiting through GATE. If you feel the same please share this article with your friends.


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15 Responses to 98% selected candidates through GATE not joined BBNL | BSPHCL Fake Score Card Case

  1. Shashikant says:

    This will be going to be a boon for the students who are looking for the job a psu if it happens.
    This must be carry on…. Must needed step

  2. Ankit raj says:

    The idea to have the coap for the PSU is very vital and really needed, to overcome from such problems. Now good things is ,atleast companies are also reliazing it’s importance. We should definitely support this idea and let’s appeal the govt. to do somthing on this ,so that no seat goes vaste this this…..

  3. Priya Singh says:

    It should be there…totally in favour with this..

  4. Shubham says:

    Yes That should be better to conduct the recruitment process like CCMT …

  5. Anubhav srivastava says:

    Yeah it is very important but the election in2019 so who cares

  6. Manoj says:

    Yes this step should be approved from 2019 gate onwards

  7. Akash says:

    Yes .. there should be a separate portal for PSU seats too

  8. Sanjay says:

    Gate were introduced for admission in iit/nit to pursue mtech degree,, now i think all psu should detached from gate and take their own entrance so they can get right and genuine person, the level of exam may be/shld be equivalent to gate, as they use to take separate application even after candidate has applied for gate nd the application fee is as equals to gate.

  9. Bhushan says:

    There must should have a common portal for each affiliated colleges to check degree, diploma marks because there are several candidate who gave fake degree, diploma certificate

  10. Neeraj says:

    It’s must if people in power wants to remove the corruption in the job providing, there is such cases when people get job using fake scorecard.

  11. Vaibhav says:

    Coap is the perfect solution if this problem and also remove the uncertainty of both students and the institutes/PSU’s.

  12. A.trinadha reddy says:

    There should be a panel system with a list of successive candidates who got the successive ranks should be considered for the respective posts. Then there will be no wastage of seats moreover the next rank holders will gets jobs.

  13. Manish Kumar says:

    There is seperate exams for AE for civil and mechanical through BPSE ,but unfortunately there is no such exam for ELECTRICAL candidates .There should be seperate exam for these vacancies through BPSE.

  14. Anindya Basu says:

    This will be a perfect and genuinely vital step towards easing the process of psu recruitment for the applicants. This will ensure that people don’t miss such valuable opportunities..
    Even when some selected candidates dont join, people who are eligible in the waiting list can try for the available posts. Thus providing PSUs with the new Engineers through multiple stage counselling process.

  15. Raj vish says:

    Yes ccmt and coap will be there for PSU seats

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