Last Updated: 7th July, 2013

What Would Others Say ??

Mahesh and Praveen, after completing their MBA were waiting for their interview call in a company. Mahesh, being the topper in MBA was called first. One among the interviewers, said: “Being a fresher, you will be offered with a ‘Training Executive’ position and Rs. 10,000/month as your salary. Observing your work and skills we will promote you. Will you accept? “

Mahesh got disappointed and says,” Sir, such a low salary to a MBA topper! If I accept it, what people would say? what my family would think?”

HRA : “Being a topper does not mean that your performance at work will also be great. We are offering you the job after going through your resume, otherwise we always try to escape taking freshers.”

Mahesh : “No sir, I cannot work with such low salary” and he left the cabin. After coming out he went to Praveen and said,” Instead of wasting time here,let’s go back to our home”.

During their conversation Praveen was called for his interview.

Praveen : “I should  give my interview, atleast I’ll get some experience”.

After some time he came out happily and told Mahesh that he got selected. Mahesh asked about his salary. He told that it is 8,000/month. Mahesh being astonished asked him that why you have accepted such a low-paid job?

Praveen : “It’s not about money, once I get some experience, salary will also be increased”. But Mahesh showed his pity over him and said that he was mad . He also enquired him that what people would say when he’ll tell them about his salary? What will happen to his status? He warned him saying, “Starting from low salary will hold you down. You will not reach high positions” and also said,” I will only start my career when I’ll get a high position with handsome salary.”

Dear Friends,
Mahesh is still searching for a job whereas Praveen is now at a good position in a MNC. He never thought about money, always worked hard and continued gaining experience.

It is well said that,”If you have experience, wealth will come running after you and you don’t have to chase it”.

Along with this, he was also successful because he never gave a thought about, “What others would think?”  If you also follow Praveen’s  path, i.e. believing yourself, then with your hard work and experience, you can also transform your dreams into reality.

Never think what others would say . People with negative belief only think like that. Even a research also proves that most unsuccessful people were a victim of disease -“what others would say?”.

If you are also dealing with this serious issue. Don’t worry because it’s easy to escape from this mentality. Before doing any work ask yourself, “whatever I am doing, is it correct?” If it answer with a yes, do it and don’t think about others.



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