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WORKS APPLICATIONS Recruitment Drive in India 2014 : 35 lakh per year Salary

WORKS APPLICATIONS is one of the most successful IT venture companies in Japan and a lot of excellent IT engineers around the world are enrolled.
Let me introduce you about this exciting opportunity which over 20,000 top IT students in the world has challenged every year!

It May be YOU this time!!

Job Description and requirement

Research&Development IT Engineer
Working place
Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai
*Salary : Starting salary of 6,000,000 JPY per year
equivalent to approx. 3.500.000 INR per year(35 lakh)
*converted based on1 Yen = 0.588 INR(July 2014)
*Pay raises : Twice a year, subject to multi-dimensional assessments among employees
*Uniform wage system, assessment categories and criteria applied worldwide
*Social insurance :
Full statutory cover, in accordance with legislation in each country
*Working hours : Flexible
*Holidays : Saturdays, Sundays, local national holidays, summer vacation,
paid leave and maternity leave.
Students who will graduate and be availabe to commence work from OCTOBER 2015.
**Recent college graduates( who already graduated college from within 1~5years) are also eligible to apply for this position.
**Any type of degree(Bachelor,Master,Dual Degree,PhD.etc),Any department is acceptable.
Necessary skills
and qualities
Ability to communicate on an operational level in English.
(not required Japanese skill)
Programming skills with Java or C++
**We don`t have any CGPA or percentage criteria.
Job Summary
(1) Conduct research regarding the latest technologies
(2) Develop new products and functions for the company’s ERP software package
Job Description
(1) Be an explorer in cutting edge technologies
Be on the lookout for the latest technologies and conduct research on their practical
applications in products. Specific duties may include:
*Apply new technologies to resolve plans and functions that are impossible
using existing technologies.
*Implement new technologies to significantly improve existing products and functions.
(2) Software architect role
Oversee the entire planning, design and installation processes for new products
and functions.
*Create new products and functions while assuming full authority over
assigned areas.
*Engage proactively in the planning, design and installation processes, rather
than entirely relying on instructions from the client.
Plan products from a product-oriented standpoint
*Explore potential as well as apparent needs, and create products and functions
based on a perceived vision of future trends.
*Examine your own ideas from multiple angles and increase the accuracy of
conceptualized systems, regardless of your assigned division.
Design and install advanced software to benefit world-class clients.
*Design and install versatile software that offers benefits to all of our clients,
who are in the hundreds at the moment.
*Consider upgradability in the future.
Coordination efforts with related products and functions.
*Our ERP system is a massive, and covers all operational processes relevant to
client management. Successful candidates will therefore be required to understand
the overall structure and functions of our system, and design and install software
to enable effective and seamless coordination with other related products and
Recruitment Formalities
Bond Details (if any): N.A.
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Company name
Works Applications Co,Ltd.
Year of establishment
Primary business activities
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software sales and Consulting
* Products include: integrated business management through AC, HR, EC, SCM.
Net revenue
JPY 28,034,000,000
equivalent to approx. 16,490,588,235 INR(1,649 IND Crore)
*converted based on1 Yen = 0.588 INR(July 2014)
Senior Leadership
Chief Executive Officer Masayuki MAKINO Chief Operating Officer Takashi ABE Chief Technical Officer Yoshiro ISHIKAWA
Approximately 3,000
(Includes the approximately 100 in Shanghai and 80 in Singapore)
Head Office
Ark Mori Bldg.19F, 1-12-32, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6019, JAPAN
Branch Offices
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Shanghai, Singapore, N.Y.

Selection Process

Selection process
Step1: Online Registration
Step2: Company Presentation at university (In August)
*We will distribute the programming assignment on the site.
*IF there is no presentation at your university, we will distriubute you the assingment via e-mail after registration.
*We will inform you the detailed schedule via e-mail. Step3: Submitting the assignment via e-mail.
*Result will be announced within 1 week only for the candidates who pass the step.
Step4: Technical Interview, HR Interview, written test (In September)

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