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Last Updated: 22nd August, 2017

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27 Responses to GATE Study Material

  1. Krishna says:

    Thank you very much for your support to free material arrangements.i feel it helps a lot for not only GATE exam but also others computation exams.

  2. Gouranga Behera says:

    Hello Sir…This site is very useful for undergraduate students like us..But Sir, I am a student of metallurgy and materials engineering(MT).If u can provide study matetials for our stream them a whole lot of students will be obliged to you.plz sir collect them for us.Thank you

  3. Harshit Khatri says:

    Thank you so much for giving such very useful notes and materials…… Great job once again thank you

  4. Monali A. Patil says:

    Please provide study material for Biotechnology engg students for GATE exam.Thank you.

  5. Mayur Bhagat says:

    I’m mining engineering student, for IN department in gate exam there is no notes provided in ur site. Tell any desired option to get the notes. I would be waiting for ur response. Thank u

  6. Sana Haque says:

    Sir, I want to know about the book for ecology and evaluation for gate examination.
    pls suggest me.I would be waiting for your response
    thank you.

  7. Vennila says:

    I need material for Instrumentation Engineering. But, I could not find in this page.

  8. mridupawan says:

    Please provide Gate GG ( GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS) study material for 2018 Gate preparation
    Thanks AND Regards

  9. Keshaw kumar says:

    I want to join gate 2018 with chemistry. Please provide me good study material for the preparation..
    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Pandiyarajan says:

    Thank you

  11. SWAMINATHAN says:

    I’m instrumentation engineer, for IN department in gate exam there is no notes provided in ur site. Tell any desired option to get the notes. I would be waiting for ur response. Thank u

  12. Rasmita Prusty says:

    Please give some materials for geology for gate 2018

  13. Babita kumari gautum says:

    Sir I wanted to kw in about book of ecology nd evaluation gate exam perpose plz suggest

  14. Gaurav sharma says:

    Thank you for providing me refrence book

  15. Rakesh gupta says:

    Very helpful notes for over all competitors… Than you sir

  16. azhar says:

    great help……thank u

  17. Dharu says:

    I think it is very helpful

  18. Anuragsahu says:

    Thank you very much

  19. Greeshma says:

    Please provide study materials for instrumentation engineering too, it would be really helpful.

  20. oooo great notes n thank u sooo much

  21. Hemangi Deshmukh says:

    Thanku for such good notes

  22. Rahul patil says:

    Thank you, is very useful documents.

  23. Ritheesh Thomas says:

    Perfect. Its really useful.

  24. Bhavin says:

    Its very useful.
    For preparation.

  25. shagun rana says:

    it is very beneficial..thanks

  26. as says:

    Provide material for other branches like chemical engineering as well

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