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How to Crack GATE in Three month Preparation !

So November is going on and approx 90 days is left for your GATE Exam and in case of final year students your end semester exam is also nearby which make preparing for gate more difficult. So after End semester exam may be you will only get 2 months for preparation.
But if someone follow some basic steps which I am going to discuss here. It will surely help you to optimize your preparation.

1. Printout your GATE Syllabus : If you do not have printed copy of GATE syllabus I recommend you to do so today because a printed copy of syllabus in your study table ( bed 😉 ) will make you continuously realize about covered syllabus and how much is left to cover.
(Advice: Suppose you have completed a topic then underline that topic it will make you happy and encourage you to complete more topics.)

For soft copy of syllabus Click Here

2. Analyze Syllabus : when you have only 2-3 month to go for a highly competitive exam then it become very important to do smarter preparation than just a simple preparation. So in order to make your preparation effective one should know about the most important as well as least important topics.

Put your more effort toward important topics.

One can find the analysis of previous year paper for different chapter in following links
Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Civil and Computer Science ( after landing into the required branch page you can go for individual chapter, there you will find syllabus and previous year paper analysis )

3. As now you know about important topics, so time has come where you pick your books/ notes and start studying.  ( Don’t go for detailed study for example history of that topic there is no time for that)
As you have your syllabus with you, you know important topic start learning about that topic conceptually, remember formulas, after reading write what you have learn, solve examples

For extra notes you can visit this link click here

4. Now as you have read a particular topic, solved the given example it’s time to evaluate or practicing more. I am mentioning a website this website contain previous 24 year questions of IES/GATE topic wise arrange and fully solved in quiz manner.

Go for it solve each quiz and see solution of each question after completing test. It will boost your concept and confidence.

5. Stay concentrated, Believe me guys you will get lots of time to waste after gate exam, utilize each second as only few days is left.

Best of luck..

How to Crack GATE in Three month Preparation !
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3 Responses to How to Crack GATE in Three month Preparation !

  1. Rajan Verma says:

    Thank you sir….thanks alot….:):)

  2. Ajith kumar says:

    Thank you sir,
    real this information is useful
    send same important reference book to be learn for civil engineering

  3. Kuber Jawale says:

    thank you sir,
    your new website is best..
    plz ….post regarding important topics for mechanical….any tips regarding papers held by iisc Bangalore ??..

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