Published on 1st May, 2015

Preferred Choice in Electrical Branch for M.Tech

This will help you in filling up your choices in CCMT 2015

NIT SurathkalVLSI Design – (VN)
NIT TiruchirapalliVLSI Systems – (VY)
IIIT AllahabadMicroelectronics – (RO)
IIIT AllahabadM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Microelectronics – (ZM)
NIT RourkelaVLSI Design & Embedded Systems – (VE)
NIT TiruchirapalliPower Electronics – (PE)
NIT WarangalPower Electronics & Drives – (PD)
NIT SurathkalMechatronics Engineering – (MZ)
NIT SuratVLSI & Embedded Systems – (VS)
NIT TiruchirapalliPower System – (PO)
NIT WarangalPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT SurathkalPower & Energy Systems – (PX)
NIT SurathkalComputational Mathematics – (SY)
NIT SurathkalNanotechnology – (NT)
NIT RourkelaElectronics and Instrumentation Engineering – (EI)
NIT AllahabadPower Electronics & Drives – (PD)
NIT DurgapurMicroelectronics & VLSI – (MQ)
NIT CalicutPower Electronics – (PE)
IIIT AllahabadWireless Communication Engineering – (WZ)
NIT RourkelaElectronic Systems & Communication – (EC)
NIT CalicutInstrumentation & Control Systems – (IO)
IIIT AllahabadM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Wireless Communication Engineering – (ZL)
NIT AllahabadPower System – (PO)
NIT CalicutIndustrial Engineering & Management – (IU)
IIIT D& M JabalpurMicrowave & Communication Engineering – (WC)
NIT AllahabadControl & Instrumentation – (CF)
NIT DurgapurTelecommunication Engineering – (TL)
NIT CalicutPower System – (PO)
NIT TiruchirapalliEnergy Engineering – (EY)
NIT TiruchirapalliProcess Control and Instrumentation – (PC)
NIT JaipurPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT CalicutIndustrial Power & Automation – (IA)
NIT KurukshetraControl System Engineering – (CO)
ABV- IIIT M GwaliorComputer Science & Engineering-VLSI – (XV)
NIT AllahabadGIS & Remote Sensing – (GR)
NIT TiruchirapalliEnergy Engineering – (EY)
NIT CalicutHigh Voltage Engineering – (HV)
NIT HamirpurSignal Processing & Control – (SC)
NIT BhopalPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT BhopalNanotechnology – (NT)
NIT AgartalaVLSI & Nano Technology – (VB)
ABV- IIIT M GwaliorComputer Science & Engineering-Digital Communication – (XC)
NIT RourkelaPower Electronics & Drives – (PD)
NIT SilcharCommunication & Signal Processing – (SL)
NIT RourkelaControl & Automation – (CA)
NIT KurukshetraPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT BhopalElectrical Drives – (ED)
NIT RourkelaIndustrial Design – (ID)
NIT AgartalaCommunication Engineering – (CG)
NIT KurukshetraPower Electronics & Drives – (PD)
ABV- IIIT M GwaliorComputer Science & Engineering-Advanced Networks – (XN)
NIT TiruchirapalliIndustrial Safety Engineering – (IF)
NIT SrinagarCommunication & Information Technology – (CI)
NIT NagpurPower Electronics & Drives – (PD)
NIT AllahabadBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology LongowalElectronics & Communication Engineering – (EG)
NIT RourkelaIndustrial Electronics – (IN)
NIT JalandharControl and Instrumentation Engineering – (CU)
ABV- IIIT M GwaliorComputer Science & Engineering – Information Security – (XF)
NIT JaipurRenewable Energy – (RE)
IIIT D& M JabalpurMechatronics Engineering – (MZ)
NIT SuratPower Electronics & Electrical Drives – (PL)
NIT Arunachal PradeshElectronics Design & Manufacturing – (EA)
NIT RourkelaCryogenics & Vacuum Technology – (CV)
NIT DurgapurOperations Research – (OR)
NIT SuratPower System – (PO)
NIT RaipurIndustrial Engineering & Management – (IU)
NIT BhopalGreen Technology – (GT)
NIT BhopalRenewable Energy – (RE)
NIT NagpurIntegrated Power Systems – (IW)
NIT GoaPower Electronics & Power Systems – (PZ)
NIT JamshedpurPower System – (PO)
NIT RourkelaMining Engineering – (MI)
NIT DurgapurPower Electronics & Machine Drives – (PB)
NIT DurgapurPower System – (PO)
NIT HamirpurPower System – (PO)
NIT KurukshetraInstrumentation – (IX)
NIT AgartalaIntegrated Energy System – (IJ)
NIT RaipurPower System & Control – (PG)
NIT HamirpurMaterials Science & Engineering – (MS)
NIT HamirpurCondition Monitoring Control & Protection of Electrical Apparatus – (CR)
IIIT D& M JabalpurPower & Control – (PF)
NIT HamirpurEnergy Technology – (EN)
NIT PatnaPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT PatnaM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Power System Engineering – (ZP)
NIT SrinagarElectrical Power and Energy System – (EP)
NIT Arunachal PradeshAppropriate Technology & Entrepreneurship Practices – (AP)
NIT PatnaM.Tech. Ph.D. Dual Degree Programme in Control System Engineering – (ZA)
NIT PatnaControl System Engineering – (CO)
NIT AllahabadBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
NIT RourkelaBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
NIT RourkelaBiomedical Engineering – (BE)
Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology LongowalInstrumentation & Control Engineering – (IK)
NIT SilcharPower & Energy Systems Engineering – (PW)
NIT AgartalaPower Electronics & Drives – (PD)
NIT KurukshetraRenewable Energy System – (RS)
NIT AgartalaPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT SilcharControl & Industrial Automation – (CL)
NIT AgartalaInstrumentation Engineering – (IE)
NIT MeghalayaElectrical Engineering – (YE)
NIT NagalandPower System Engineering – (PS)
NIT AgartalaHydro Informatics Engineering – (HI)
NIT RourkelaBiomedical Engineering – (BE)



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2 Responses to Preferred Choice in Electrical Branch for M.Tech

  1. VIMAL says:

    Hello Sir,

    What about newly added institutes in CCMT 2015 ? Let me know if this new institutes be better than older NITs.
    Thank you.

  2. VIMAL says:

    Is newly converted BESU to Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur (West Bengal) is better than NITs or not?

    I have no idea about the institute and it has specified the highest elligibility criteria on CCMT website. See the criteria below:

    IIEST: Minimum 7.25 CGPA (on a 10-point scale) or 65% for OC/OB candidates and 6.75 CGPA (on a 10-point scale) or 60% for SC/ST/PWD candidates, in aggregate.

    OTHERS: 6.5 CGPA (on a 10-point scale) or 60% marks for OC/OB whereas 6.0 CGPA (on a 10-point scale) or 55% marks in case of SC/ST candidates in the qualifying degree.

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