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Download S.K Mondal Mechanical Engineering Notes

Name Size
Cutting Tools 713.9 KiB
Fluid Mechanics & Machines IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question And Answers 5.7 MiB
Fluid Mechanics By S K Mondal 3.5 MiB
GATE Mathematics Questions All Branch By S K Mondal 2.4 MiB
Heat Transfer IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question And Answers By S K Mondal 2.2 MiB
IC Engine IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question And Answers 2.2 MiB
Industrial Engineering By S K Mondal 23.0 MiB
Limit Tolerance Fits 4.1 MiB
Machine Design IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question And Answers By S K Mondal 1.4 MiB
Material Science IISc 3.7 MiB
Engineering Materials Question Bank 668.6 KiB
Metal Forming 3.2 MiB
Metrology Solved Examples 6.0 MiB
NC-CNC-Conventional 147.3 KiB
Non Tradition Machining 6.0 MiB
Power-Plant-20-Years-GATE-IES-IAS-Q-A 3.8 MiB
Production Enginering 1.7 MiB
Question Bank Set -2 3.1 MiB
RAC IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question And Answers By S K Mondal 2.8 MiB
Sheet Metal Operation 2.7 MiB
Strength of Material by s k mondal  6.3 MiB
Theory Of Metal Cutting Solved Problems 7.0 MiB
Thermodynamics By S K Mondal 1.2 MiB
Tool Life, Tool Wear Machinability 791.0 KiB
Welding Complete PPT With Question 3.0 MiB

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    You are really great sir for providing such a superb notes……sir please givea favour for us sir,please provide engineering mechanics note

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  5. Vikash kr says:

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    Please give notes for mechanical engineering for gate preparation

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  8. Arun kadodiya says:

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    And all the best for your next activities

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  12. Aakash says:

    Sir please provide notes solved questions paper of metrology and quality assurance if possible or any solved paper of metrology. I’m a mdu mechanical and automation engineering student

  13. Aakash says:

    What do you mean by Taylor’s principle as applied to the design of limit gauges? Design a suitable ‘GO’ and ‘NOGO’ plug gauge for a bored hole 25.1/25.0 mm dia?

  14. Adarsh singh says:

    smart collection sir!!!!!!!!

    thank u very much sir……

    • INZAMAM says:

      Sir you are king of mechanical engineering…………JAHA SE MECHANICAL KI SURUAAT HOTI HAI….WAHI SE MONDAL SIR KA……JUWAAAAAR ….CHALTA HAI…

  15. pawan rangile says:

    thank you sir, sorry sir telling that tom notes are not there in above if u have than update on site

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    It is very honoured work for uploading this important material, it is very download without any trouble like advertising……
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    Are online test sufficient for gate exam?

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    its very best study materials for psu.&IEs exam &all competitive exam which is conducted to engg.levels.

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  77. Devraj Kusugal says:

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    I was found your website on Google search. Your site is very useful for the students.
    I could not found any download link for the SK Mondal sir material. Please provide link for me. My Facebook account name is RAVI.KUMAR.KUNUSOTH.

    Ravi Kumar.

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    Notes are also excellent. all type. of engg. matrial and updating news about any company is also best but if you include the gernal awaerness and current technical news topic which also help the all student.
    Some videos related to Hr interview and some question which is askrd by hr in interview. This all thing also help the student and i think your website also get more likes.

  97. yogesh raypure says:

    Thanku sir and very well for my prepration …..

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    Sk mondal sir bigest magical man in the field of competition and only person who lives in heart of the students who want success in competition so thanks sir have a nice life

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