Last Updated: 20th August, 2017 IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

IIT Kharagpur invites applications for the Joint Masters in Engineering and City Planning for the admission year 2017-2018. This programme encourages bright and motivated students to enrol themselves for Ph.D after completion of first year of M.Tech/MCP programme.

Under this programme, at the end of first year, interested students having CGPA 8.0 and above are eligible to appear for written test and/or interview to judge their suitability to enrol for Ph.D.

Those who do not qualify for Ph.D can continue with their two-year M.Tech/MCP programme.

Application Fee : IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

The application fee is Rs. 500/- for GE/OBC Male/Transgender Candidates and Rs. 250/- for all Female or PwD/SC/ST Candidates. The application fee is non-refundable.

Eligibility Condition : IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

Eligibility for admission to different postgraduate programmes based on GATE Paper, seat distribution and mode of selection for the year 2017-18 ( for based on applicant’s academic background refer brochure given below )

Course Code Specialization Major Minor Total Seats Mode of Admission
Paper Seats Paper Seats Gate Score only Gate Score + Interview
AE Aerospace Engineering AE 17 ME,CE 7 24 Yes
AG1 Farm Machinery and Power AG 17 ME 2 19 Yes
AG2 Land and Water Resources Engineering AG 16 CE 2 18 Yes
AG3 Food Process Engineering AG 23 CH,ME,XE-G 7 30 Yes
AG4 Agricultural Biotechnology BT,XL-T,XL-U 10 XL-Q,XL-R,XL-S 10 20 Yes
AG5 Aquacultural Engineering AG 10 CH,CE,XE-B,XE-D 8 18 Yes
AG6 Agricultural Systems and Management AG 15 XL-Q,XL-R,XL-S 4 19 Yes
AR City Planning AR 42 42 Yes
AT Embedded Controls and Software AE,CS,EC,EE,IN,ME 12 12 Yes
BT Biotechnology and Biochemical Engg BT 18 XL-Q,XL-R,XL-S,XL-T 6 24 Yes
CE1 Hydraulic and Water Resources Engg CE 20 20 Yes
CE2 Transportation Engineering CE 20 20 Yes
CE3 Environmental Engg,and Management CE 16 CH 2 18 Yes
CE4 Geotechnical Engineering CE 18 18 Yes
CE5 Structural Engineering CE 20 20 Yes
CH Chemical Engineering CH 75 75 Yes
CL Earth System Science and Technology PH,MA,GG,CE,AG,
21 XE-B,XE-H,XE-E 10 31 Yes
CR Cryogenic Engineering AG,AE,XE-B,XE-C,
21 21 Yes
CS Computer Science and Engineering CS 67 67 Yes
EC2 Microelectronics and VLSI Design EC 29 29 Yes
EC3 RF and Microwave Engineering EC 28 28 Yes
EC4 Telecommunication Systems Engg, EC 28 28 Yes
EC5 Visual Information and Embedded Systems Engineering EC 28 28 Yes
EE1 Machine Drives and Power Electronics EE 18 18 Yes
EE2 Control System Engineering EE,IN 12 EC 6 18 Yes
EE3 Power and Energy Systems EE 18 18 Yes
EE4 Instrumentation and Signal Processing EE,IN 12 EC 6 18 Yes
ET Multimedia Information Processing CS,EC,EE,IN,MA,PH 15 15 Yes
GG1 Exploration Geosciences GG 24 24 Yes
GS Wireless Communications and Networks EC 10 10 Yes
ID Infrastructure Design and management AR,CE 20 EE,ME 11 31 Yes
IM Industrial Engineering & Management ME,PI 15 AG,CE,CH,CS,EC,
10 25 Yes
MA Computer Science and Data Processing MA 25 EE,EC,PH 9 34 Yes
ME1 Manufacturing Science and Engg. ME 20 PI,MT,XE-C 6 26 Yes
ME2 Thermal Science and Engineering ME 33 33 Yes
ME3 Mechanical Systems Design ME 38 AE,XE-D 6 44 Yes
MN Mining Engineering MN,PE 16 CE,ME 6 22 Yes
MS Materials Science and Engineering CY,PH 15 CH,MT,XE-C,XE-F 14 29 Yes
MT Metallurgical and Materials Engineering MT 48 XE-C 6 54 Yes
OE Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture ME,CE,AE 10 XE-B,XE-D,XE-E 10 20 Yes
RR Railway Engineering CE 5 ME,EE 5 10 Yes
RE Reliability Engineering AE,CE,CS,CH,EC,
18 XE-C 2 20 Yes
RT Rubber Technology XE-C,XE-E,XE-F,CY 16 CH,ME,PI,TF 8 24 Yes
PH1 Solid State Technology PH 20 XE-C 5 25 Yes
SM Biomedical Engineering AE,AG,BT,CE,CH,
15 15 Yes
ES Energy Science and Engineering EE,CH,ME 15 15 Yes
WM Water Management AG 8 CE,CH 4 12 Yes

How to Apply : IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

(Regular Applicants through GATE Score)

Application for Joint M.Tech/MCP-Ph.D programme is to be submitted only by an ONLINE process by accessing the website from 29th March 2018 to 21st April 2018.

Fee payment has to be made online only and all the necessary qualifying certificates and documents such as caste certificates, PwD certificates etc have to be uploaded online at the time of submitting the application. Hardcopy of the application and documents are not required.

Important Date : IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

Registration will start from 29th March 2018

Registration will end on 21st April 2018

Useful Links : IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018

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3 Responses to IIT Kharagpur M.Tech Admission 2018


    Why it is mentioned valid gate score is eligible to apply…It should be written gate rank maximum upto 400 (GENERAL category) are eligible to apply… Nonsense

  2. S Rajeshwari says:

    This is only for gate qualified students

  3. c maheswari says:

    I am pursuing b-tech final year,completed April 2017 in the stream of eee ,can I apply for m-tech addimitions in your college.

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