NIT Ranking 2013

NIT Ranking 2013

(For PG Courses ) 

1NIT TiruchirapalliTamil Nadu Click Here
2NIT WarangalAndhra PradeshClick Here
3NIT  SurathkalKarnataka Click Here
4MNNIT Allahabad
Uttar PardeshClick Here
5NIT Calicut
 Kerala Click Here
6MNIT Jaipur Rajasthan  Click Here
7MANIT Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Click Here
8VNIT Nagpur Maharashtra Click Here
9NIT Kurukshetra Haryana Click Here
10NIT Rourkela Orissa Click Here
11NIT Hamirpur  Himachal Pradesh Click Here
12NIT Surat Gujarat Click Here
13NIT Durgapur West Bengal  Click Here
14NIT Jalandhar Punjab Click Here
15NIT Jamshedpur Jharkhand Click Here
16NIT Raipur Chhattisgarh Click Here
17NIT Patna Bihar Click Here
18NIT Goa
Goa Click Here
19NIT Silchar Assam Click Here
20NIT Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir Click Here
21NIT Agartala
Tripura Click Here
22NIT Sikkim
Sikkim Click Here
23NIT Manipur Manipur Click Here
24NIT Mizoram
Mizoram Click Here
25NIT Nagaland
Nagaland Click Here

* NIT Delhi can be consider in Top FIVE NIT group just because of its LOCATION. For Detail Click here  


103 Responses to NIT Ranking 2013

  1. r b chari says:

    The condition of girls’ hostel (KNGH) in MNNIT Allahabad is awefully miserable. Rooms are so overcrowdded that one can’t find any floor space in any room. Toilets are insufficient and dirty, wash basins are old and broken (water is sipping out while using). And above all,food that are given to the students in the breakfast, lunch & dinner are just uneatable. Administration has not paid minimum attention to provide the basic infrastructure to the girl students staying in that hostel. Although the boys’hostel(for 1st year students) is very good.

  2. kumar says:

    hello admin if NIT Delhi considered in Top FIVE NIT group just because of its LOCATION then the NIT Nagaland also should be in in rank of 19…NIT Nagaland is in Dimapur..this city is well connected to all over india by road, rail and air. and the best city in north east after guwahati then could u change your given list…

    • Hii Kumar is all about gate( course/ PSU ) and for delhi by location i mean the numbers of quality coaching centers , competitive environment present there which help students to crack psu/gate exams & not by connectivity..

  3. amit sharma says:

    i m nit hamirpur mtech student,acc. 2 me this nit is far better than patna raipur jamshedpur and jalandhar for mtech

    • harish says:

      Can i get nit/dce/nsit/ism/jadavpur
      uni ??or written test/interview cal from
      iit/iisc ..?please help me.

    • john says:

      my rank is 5897 in EC gen. catgry
      is there chances of me in nit hamirpur??
      pls suggest..

    • rajesh says:

      hi amit, since i dont have anyone i know in nit hamirpur i would like to know from you more about nit hamirpur.. i want to do mtech in structures. may i get some info about the FACULTY, INFRA & PLACEMENTS????

    • vinay says:

      hw abt btech programs at hamirpur

  4. khyati says:

    respected sir..i cleared gate biotech with air 835 and my marks are 31.33 and my score is percentile is approximately 95.85..can i get admission in mtech/phd?and in which institutes can i get it(iit)??can i get a scholarship for phd studies in germany and singapore. plz let me know.regards

  5. Nidhi says:

    respected sir…CE
    can i get iit/nit???
    plz let me know

  6. Divya says:

    sir…i’m from CE- gate 2014:
    can i get any nits in south india???

  7. vipin says:

    Khyati: i also have same rank 835 in biotech this year same score hope only for nit for IIT rank under 200 is required.which background are you of??? Biotech or else

  8. mayur says:

    sir my gate score in ece is 440 i belong to sc category can i get south nits…

  9. gopal says:

    Good afternoon sir my gate score is 616 and rank 3840 and I am from ece branch general category please suggest some good nits or central universities please reply me sir

  10. aniruddha says:

    i have got gate score 564 and rank 6392 from mechanical, so please suggest me which college n which specialization i have to prefer while taking admission……….?

  11. vagisha says:

    i am vagisha, with gate score 342, and AIR1763
    it would be so kind of you, if you tell me which institutes i am eligible for ? as well any related suggestion..??

  12. Rahul says:

    sir ,
    My gate score is 371
    gate marks – 28.67
    category – general
    please suggest me some good colleges for admission and if there is any chance in nits in spot round of ccmt counselling and list of some good colleges for admission on the basis of my gate score and marks……waiting for ur reply please….

  13. Rahul says:

    sir ,
    My gate 2014 score is 371
    gate2014 marks – 28.67
    category – general
    please suggest me some good colleges for admission and if there is any chance in nits in spot round of ccmt counselling and list of some good colleges for admission on the basis of my gate score and marks……waiting for ur reply please….

  14. Rahul says:

    sir ,
    My gate 2014 score is 371
    gate2014 marks – 28.67
    category – general
    please suggest me some good colleges for admission and if there is any chance in nits in spot round of ccmt counselling and list of some good colleges for admission on the basis of my gate score and marks……waiting for ur reply please….

  15. ramakrishna says:

    I got AIR-6475, and i am from ECE branch . Catagory-OBC ,
    Will i get seat in any NITs..

  16. priya says:

    Hello ,My rank is 3799 ,branch -cse ,I am obc (NCL).will i get top top 8 nits ??Any chance of getting nit calicut information security?

  17. Masum says:

    My AIR in CIVIL is 7435
    I have OBC category
    Can I get a chance to NIT durgapur in Geotechnical Engineering?

  18. KIRAN says:

    score – 673
    branch – EC
    AIR – 2214

    any chance of getting surathkal, allahabad, mnit jaipur or rourkela ?????

  19. Divyajyothi says:

    my score is 555,AIR:6518,marks:43,OC.
    can i get in top.5 nits….to which should i give priority….clgs or specialisations….

  20. Nabajit says:

    respected sir
    i m from EC
    can i get nit?
    any chance in IIST?
    where should i apply except nit?
    plz let me know…

  21. Rohit Roy says:

    Dear Sir,
    My details are—
    Category-General, what is the chance to get CSE in TOP 10 NIT?

  22. vivek says:

    Hii frnds,
    I m frm mech dept having gate score 557 n AIR 6701…
    Do i have any chances for good nit’s…n which one….
    Plz text me back on
    Thank you.

    • HeroBoy says:

      Sorry ,Less chances if you are unreserved,give GATE again and get into IITs,as only their Mtech has a value,Mtech from lesser NITs is no good unless you have got a mad on for research and even then prospects are less.

  23. Joshua says:


    I have gate score 579( Mechanical, General, Rank 5569, 96.96 percentile). I would like to opt for Manufacturing/materials science. Can I get any NITs. Please help.

  24. swati says:

    hello sir
    gate score 402
    gen category
    can i get any nits..plz reply sir

    • HeroBoy says:

      Sorry less chances,fill up THE BITSAT for Higher Education exam and try to get there.or u can give GATE again next year and get into IITs.

  25. akshay says:

    branch : civil engineering
    i have qualified GATE 2013. my score for 2014 is 447. which is the best NIT i can get in structural engg.
    plzz do rply.

  26. Aravind Reddy says:

    i’m from CE- gate 2014
    Gen category
    can i get any nits in south india???

  27. Mathew Koshy says:

    i an from cse
    Rank 8600
    score 404
    mark 29
    category general
    any chance for nit?

  28. Ranbeer says:

    sir,my gate rank is 6199 of civil engineering of obc catagory.gate score 451.can i get structural analysis in any good nit???

  29. antony says:

    sir, my gate rank is 5587 . CS branch.General category. gate 2013 score is 447. can i get nit this year ? plz help. I didnt apply fr counselling last year. which are the most probable institues i can get? where should i apply

  30. Manoj says:

    My jee mains score 203 and about 92% can i get nit delhi in electronics

  31. Arshiya Sethi says:

    Sir, I qualified Gate 2014 with gate marks- 30.33, AIR-7529, gate score-422, cse branch,gen category…
    Can I get any nit..?? Where should I apply..please suggest me..

  32. harsh says:

    sir,my gate 14 score is 501
    i got 42/100
    AIR 10182
    can i get NIT ???

  33. harsh says:

    m from mechanical

  34. gyanendra sharma says:

    My gate score is 504 and rank is 4191 in electrical engg.
    category obc
    kindly tell me which nit have chance to get??

  35. krishna says:

    my gate rank:7239
    marks(out of 100):36
    Normalized marks:33.71
    Branch :civil engineering
    What is the chance for me to fet in south india or near to hyderabad in geotechnology?

  36. krishna says:

    can i get seat in south India or near Hyderabad in geotechnology?

  37. md taufik khan says:

    sir my gate score is 475 & rank is 12466 (me) gen can i get admission in nit

  38. rahul kumar says:

    Gate 2014
    gate score-470
    category -obc
    marks- 34.33
    branch- ECE
    can i get nits for

  39. vishal says:

    hello sir,,
    my gate score is 706
    AIR 1734
    mechanical stream
    General category
    What are my chances in IITs and NIT TRICHY ????

  40. POOJA says:

    GATE 2014
    GATE SCROE-695

  41. Thiru1991 says:

    hello sir,
    I was called for interview in IITK (Geotechnical Engg.) for following rank, will i be able to get Structural Engg. in NITT.
    GATE 2014

  42. shoeb ahmad says:

    is there any chance of any nit for thermal,production

  43. yasir says:

    I have qualified gate 2014..mechanical score is 323..mark 26.67.. AIR is Obc category.. is there any chances in any NITs? Pls reply sir..pls

  44. Nimisha says:

    Gate 2014 Civil Engineering
    What and where are my chances for M.Tech?

  45. g kumar says:

    i have gate 2013 score is 495,AIR 6657,OBC can i get NIT if possible which nit and which branch
    .please guide me

  46. g kumar says:

    i have gate 2013 EE score is 495,AIR 6657,OBC can i get NIT if possible which nit and which branch
    .please guide me

  47. Ravikiran says:

    Hello Sir,
    My Gate Score is 508,
    AIR 9734
    Branch Mechanical
    which nit should i have to prefer….??

  48. chockalingam says:

    sir my rank : 3338 (mechanical)
    cat : general
    score : 642
    mark : 55.31
    will i get seat in top nits

  49. mukesh kumar says:

    my rank is 5163
    gate score is 478
    may i get nit warangal, nit trichi, ??????

  50. mukesh kumar says:

    my rank is 5163
    gate score is 478
    my branch is civil engg.
    may i get nit warangal, nit trichi, ??????

  51. kamaldeep singh says:

    i got 1562 rank in ec gate 2014?? can i get nit warangal o r trichy?? i belongto OBC category…..

  52. ritika singhai says:

    hello sir, my rank is 290 my gate score is 416 . i give gate 2014 from pi. which nit’s i should fill in preference order. plz suggest me??

  53. yashaswini says:

    i got gate rank 8000 branch:cse score:409 can i get nit trichi, nit wgl

  54. S says:

    i got 631 gate score with AIR 3328 in branch of ECE (category obc ,female) whether i will get NIT warangal or not
    tell which NIT i will get for my score

  55. sanjana says:

    my gate score :532
    rank : 8015
    cat : general
    branch : EC
    sir,can i get seat in any south NIT’S ???

  56. Prerna says:

    gate score-470
    stream-computer science
    can i get NIT if possible and which nit ????

  57. palak says:

    Gate 2014 Computer science
    gate score- 470
    AIR- 5232
    Category- General
    Stream- CS

    can i get NIT if possible and which nit ??

  58. tanvi says:

    Gate 2014 score: 523
    marks: 38
    AIR: 3605
    Category: general

    Can i get any nit and which one?

  59. Kumaraguru S says:

    Hi ,
    My Gate score is 507 and rank is 4246 in
    Civil Engineering Department.
    What are my chances of getting Structural Engineering
    at NIT Trichy or Suratkal or Calicut ?

  60. devanshi says:

    hi this is devanshi
    gate score : 605
    normalised marks 47.5
    AIR rank: 4219
    can u please tell me which nit will i get and what should i prefer?
    please mail me all the details with respect to my rank.

  61. devanshi says:

    my branch is electronics and communication

  62. chhavi says:

    My gate score is 765 under general category. Is there any chance of getting nit.

  63. ansha says:

    sir , i belong to obc category $Ph sub category , scored 50 marks in jee main $ board marks:90.65 .will i get seat in any nits?

  64. Payal M says:

    I m a Civil Engg graduate, and aspiring for M.Tech.. can anyone tell me which branch would be better, Structural engg, Construction technology and management or remote sensing and GIS????

  65. payal says:

    I m trying for M.Tech dis year, can anyone tell me which is better structural engg, construction technology or remote sensing and GIS???? plz plz…

  66. Rupali says:

    Hi. I have been allotted NIT Goa in my 4th round of ccmt counselling. My score was 598(gen) in cs. Is it good to join NIT Goa Mtech since it only started this year, from academic point of view?

  67. yogesh says:

    2014 gate score- 351
    branch -ECE
    Category -sc
    any chance in spot round in mnit jaipur or nit delhi or nit kurukshtra.
    sir plz help me

  68. Gyanesh says:

    what is the minimum gate 2015 rank in mechanical to get admission in iit???

  69. GAURAV says:


  70. shivenda patel says:

    sir i got 539 gate score & rank is 9683.
    please suggest me about doing or again preparation
    i am in final year mechanical engineering.

  71. Vivek Kuliyal says:

    GATE SCORE-406

    What are my chances of getting into NITs or IITs.Also tell me which branch i should prefer.Is it better to do MTech in Earthquake Engg from IIT Roorkee,if i get that.

  72. sunjay says:

    plz tell me sir,

    my gate 2015 rank is 3130 EC branch
    score-584 marks-43.89
    can i hav chance of getting any NIT (VLSI or Comp.Sci group) or IIT?
    else how are DTU(delhi) & IIITB?

  73. sanjeev says:

    my gate rank is 3130 EC
    cat-OC marks 43.89 rank-584
    can i have chance to any top nits
    else how is DTU(delhi)

  74. roshni says:

    I m frm cse branch
    Gate 2015 score-468
    Gen category
    Can u plz suggest me name of nits in which I could get admission for mtech

  75. pankaj says:

    sir ,
    my rank -2205
    gate score -718
    category -general
    what are the chances of getting thermal power from trichy..

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